​Donnelly Residence

Donnelly Residence

The whole house directs its energy towards the ocean with its simple structure, shed roof and transversal views. The verdant vista offered by the green roof embraces the natural beauty of this remote piece of land. The transparent entrance frames the view towards the landscape, while linking the main house with its garage and Additional Dwelling.


Zero net carbon scientific research station lodge and educational facility. One of the first LEED Platinum projects in the difficult Florida climate.

Gold Crush

Community supported climbing gym designed and built in cooperation with the local climbing community.

Lot 4

The New Urbanist neighborhood’s functional, commercial, and social hub.

Quimper Village

This 28-unit senior cohousing community has become a prominent model for senior cohousing.


Addition to an historic home creating a modern and strong connection to the yard while respecting the character of the historic architecture.


A home and accessory dwelling design using innovative building technology such as insulated concrete forms and structural insulated panels.