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Our Vision + Our Values

We are an architecture firm focused on innovative and sustainably-built environments such as cohousing.

  • Collaborate

    We believe great design is achieved with an integrated and cooperative team. That means facilitating to engage our clients in the design process. We work closely with other designers, engineers, builders, and developers to identify and realize the best ideas.

  • Empower

    We see design as an opportunity to accelerate our clients' goals and aspirations. Because objects and spaces can be tools to empower their users, we believe design can and should play and important role in addressing issues of climate, justice, and community.

  • Innovate

    We see every project as unique and important. Whether it is a renovation or a new neighborhood, with each project we ask what more can be accomplished than just getting it built. We seek to unlock new potential for individuals, communities, and the world within the context of budget and timeline.

Our Expertise

We are a full-service architecture firm focused on cohousing, single and multi-family housing, and mission-based projects of all scales.

We work across North America and worldwide. Our offices are located in Bozeman, MT and Louisville, KY.

Right Size

We excel at designing right-sized floor plans to meet your needs.

Right Price

We optimize projects to meet your goals within your budget.

Bright Planet

We implement a holistic approach to social, economic, and environmental success.

Our Work

Our newest project, Bozeman Cohousing, features sustainable community housing built for a better now and brighter future. The group was interested in living in a community where they knew and cared about their neighbors and worked with us to conceive of and launch their project. We used a participatory design process to engage the future residents directly in design choices for the community. As sustainable architects we immerse ourselves to better understand the issues at hand. To this effect, Erik and his family have chosen to join BOZEMAN COHOUSING as co-residents.


The architects of studio co+hab worked with the residents of Bozeman Cohousing

Meet the Team

Erik Bonnett

Erik Bonnett is a registered architect with deep expertise in sustainability and participatory design processes. His experience includes facilitating integrated design of groundbreaking LEED and net zero carbon projects while at Rocky Mountain Institute. His work focuses on integrating the economic, environmental, and social components of sustainability with a focus on equity and empowerment. Erik taught sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective at Montana State University and his published research includes cost optimization of energy efficiency. He has designed and founded cohousing communities across the United States. He is especially passionate about collaborating with clients who possess a strong mission, be they intentional communities, individuals, or NGOs. 

Mathilde Berthe

Mathilde Berthe is a graduate architect from ENSA Normandie School in France. Her background in cohousing design includes working at McCamant and Durrett Architects, which introduced the concept of cohousing in America. She also helped develop a cooperative that aims to facilitate the emergence of cohousing projects in France, called Habitat & Partage. Between France and the USA, she has visited and contributed to many communities exploring the relationship between design and the social structure of communities. While living at Les Hersons in Prades de Lez (FR), for example, she contributed to the auto-construction phase engaging with straw-bale construction methods while living with the residents. She is experienced in designing workshops and giving public presentations inspired by her diverse experiences. 


Montana Office
914 W. Babcock St, Bozeman, MT, 59715
Kentucky Office
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